Top 9 Reasons why Students drop out of College and How PTTI caters to those

  1. Move to a Different Location

If you are still in the nearby county our online training can help you complete your course and only can visit for practical hands-on training to the school.

  1. Takes a part-time job

We have evening classes that allow you to take a part-time job and still dream of a career in the field you like.

  1. Personal Family Issue

The counseling team is always there to help our students if they have any concerns in their personal lives and even in case of something like a COVID-19.

  1. Financial Constraints

Financial Aid is available through- Grants, Scholarships, Loans (federal and private), and Institutional financing plans so you do not have to worry about the fees but focus on your building your career.

  1. Academically unprepared

This is just a fear as trust us when we say nobody is ever prepared academically for the next level because if you are – you are not going to the next level. We want the student to have their knowledge glass some space so that our experts can prepare them for the industry outside.

  1. Chose the wrong area of study

We have 6 different courses that you can enroll in and we would be soon coming up with more courses so that we can help students select their choice of studies. But for now students can share their area of interest and our faculty will assist them with the best of their knowledge.

  1. Feeling Isolated

We make sure every student is given almost importance with no discrimination. Our course curriculum which is a mix of online, classroom and hands-on training doesn’t allow the students to ever feel isolated.

  1. Lack of Guidance and Advice

The faculty at PTTI is an industry expert that always is with students to provide the right guidance that will help them in the future. There is even a counselor that helps students whenever they need any assistance and Job Placement.

Careers and Jobs Opportunities at PTTI
Companies at PTTI
  1. Cannot connect to the Curriculum

The courses at PTTI are a combination of online, classroom, and practical hands-on training covering all aspects of professional requirements in a more fun-filled way, but students can still talk to the faculty if they are not able to connect to the curriculum.

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